Enable CDR for APP_RPT

I have asterisk-xelatec version-1.4.28 and CDR works well for all calls except for RPT calls.
I’ve investigated the issue and I found that it’s because a CDR flag, AST_CDR_FLAG_POST_DISABLED, which is set to one in cdr.h

Can anyone help me? I want to know if there is a way to change this flag in configuration files without changing cdr.h?

It is defined as 16 in cdr.h. It is not used to set anything in cdr.h.

It is not a configuration parameter; it is, effectively, the name of a bit field.


I know it, but I want to know how can I affect this value through config files.
Actually, I want to know how can I activate cdr for rpt calls?

in app_rpt.c, rpt_call function:

#ifdef AST_CDR_FLAG_POST_DISABLED if (mychannel->cdr) ast_set_flag(mychannel->cdr,AST_CDR_FLAG_POST_DISABLED); #endif

when I comment this lines, cdr works well.

The author of that application intended that, if you reached that point, CDRs should not be produced.

My guess would be that this is a third party application, and the conditional was put there so that the same code would work with different versions of Asterisk, with the intent that CDRs should be suppressed if the version of Asterisk made that possible.

It may well be that the authors are not monitoring any Asterisk support channels.

You probably need to treat this as a developer question, although you may get redirected to the authors.