Embedded asterisk

My apologies if this post doesn’t belong here. I am looking to learn more about embedded appliances that run asterisk. Example, AskoziaPBX, Rowetel/Atcom IP02/04/08, Pika WARP. I am interested in fanless, low powered devices. Is there some website that has a listing of all the currently available devices and their various strengths & weaknesses? I am looking for a device that has the following features:

  • fanless / low power / small form-factor
  • possibility to add at least 1 FXS port, maybe 2
  • GUI
  • ability to run asterisk 1.6
  • “user portal” where they can check & listen to VM and possibly manage do-not-disturb, call forwarding etc.

Can anyone make any recommendations? Further reading?

Openvox IX100 or IPC100 may work openvox.cn/products/show.php?itemid=161&lang=2