Email Not Sending Files

The scenario I have is I recently setup Trixbox. I am using (trying) the dictation module. The recording works and saves the dictations in the correct folder…however, the files are in raw format instead of wav. I have read that the email program is what does the conversion for the dictation module. What’s strange is that the voicemails get saved in wav format since I have selected that format but they dont get emailed…because email doesnt work.

I am guessing the email system for the dictation does the conversion and sends out the file, but the voicemail system saves the file automatically as the chosen format and then emails out. Seems like they may be using 2 different email modules/scripts…or whatever its called.

I am really new to linux…and even newer to trixbox. Been on PC’s for 20 years unfortunately…until I recently became smart 3 years ago and got a Mac…

Any help is greatly appreciated.