Echo issue with Rhino and Sangoma card

Hi everyone,
I made the installation of a PBX with Asterisk 11.17, Dahdi 2.10 and wanpipe Driver 7.0.
I have two PCI cards: A Rhino 8-Port R8FXX-EC with echo canceller on board and w400 GSM Sangoma card.

My situation:
When both cards active simultaneously, the calls made through the card Rhino present echo. I have already applied and HWEC OSLEC but none I can fix this.
The strange thing is that if I disable the driver of the Sangoma card echo disappears but I can not make calls from mobile network.

Any idea how to fix it.

Thanks in advance.

Hi guys, I have installed sangoma card in to asterisk and configured. Everything works fine. Now I have installed another sangoma card and dont know how to configure the second one. In status only one sangoma card is showing and second one is not showing. So please tell me how to configure second sangoma card without disturbing first card. Thanks in advanceā€¦ s

You need to get support from Sangoma.

Sangoma has already checked the installation and for them there is no problem with the driver wanrouter. I was informed that was to communicate with an asterisk support as using the dahdi-monitor recording calls not have any echo.
They could be hardware problems or compatibility with Asterisk?