Echo in x lite softphone when used with asterisk

Dear astersik users,
I am new to asterisk and X lite Ver2 softphone.
When i use X lite soft phone for sip calls i hear echo, how to solve this problem.
i am using asteeisk 1.8 and X lite 2 in fc10

advance thanks

For SIP phones, it is the responsibility of the phone to do echo cancellation.

You can help by using headsets which don’t have signicant feedback from earphone to microphone.

I don’t know if better echo cancellation is one of the features that you get in the paid for version of the Counter Path soft phone.

As David said, the Sip phone (in your case Xlite) is responsible to do echo cancellation.

Anyway, you can try the following steps:

  1. Check with Counter Path to see if their commercial version has a better AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation).
  2. Try activating the echo cancellation in Asterisk. It might work if the delay is minimal.
  3. Try one of SoliCall’s product. I suggest to try the Personal PBXMate It should cancel echo coming from either side of the call.