Echo canceller for iax/sip channels

do you know any echo canceller, which works on sip or iax channels?
I have found some echo cancellation plugins, but as far as I understand they do their job for PSTN trunks with zaptel driver.
I would like to find some sollution for removing echo coming from my sip/iax clients caused by low quality headphones. How do you fight this problem.
Any help much appreciated,.

If the echo is due to the headphones then the best approach is to use quality headsets.

More than likly the echo you are getting is local to the headset.


I know that, but I dont have a controll over this. I cannot force users to buy proper hardware especially when their hardware works fine with other sulutions like Skype.
That is why I am looking for a sollution which depends on my systems.

I am stiil looking forward to any suggestions.
Thanks in advance.


Are they using headsets and softphones or headsets and Hardphones ?

Either way you take a decent headset in prove that the echo is local to phone or headset then its upto them. because if the echo is local to the headset this will be due to the poor audio circuit design and no matter of echo cancellation deployed will cure it.

The only way to cure echo in low quality hardware is to replace it. and TBH its cheaper in th elong run.

If you want software echo cancilation then octastic do do one.