E1 / TE110P or TE210P / Asterisk 1.2.5

My company is planning to get a E1, a Digium digital interface card (either TE110P, TE210P) and Asterisk 1.2.5.

My doubts are:

  1. I have checked a lot from website, i still cannot figure whether E1 line itself or the digium card itself provides Answer and Disconnect Supervision? Or in fact, both do not provide these?
    The actual scenario is we failed to detect hang up from analogue phone like with the existing infrastructure TDM400P with normal phone line with CallerID services. We have no problem on answer/hang up problem for mobile phone, only analogue hang up got problem. So we must ensure this problem will not exists if we get in E1 and TE110P/TE210P card.

  2. As i know, the difference of the above mentioned Digium cards are Single vs Dual span. Is there any other significant difference if i adopt TE110P instead of TE210P.

Any comment is highly appreciated. Thank you.

If you are using CCS protocol, the protocol gives answer and disconnect supervision, and Asterisk responds appropriately. If you are in Europe or Australia, you will almost certainly be using CCS.

Using CAS protocol, I think you also get answer and disconnect supervision, but I will leave that for others more expert than I to answer.