E1 card stops working after cuts in the line

Hello, everyone.
Here is my problem. Our client is using asterisk with a wct4xxp card (they have no idea what model that is). After some testing I’ve discovered that there are microcuts in the line once in a while. After a cut in the line occurs, the card stops working. I have to restart zaptel,libpri and asterisk to make it work again. I guess this is a syncronization error.
this is their zaptel.conf
Any idea what parameters I should be tuning?

are you sure it’s not a timing issue ?

voip-info.org/wiki/view/Zapt … pan+syntax

No, I’m not. But the timing in my zaptel.conf seems to correspond with the info at the link you have provided. Besides, the operator says that they provide timing information in their E1.