E-Mail2VoiceMail add-on?

I don’t know if the feature I will request here has been suggested before in this forum.

Everyone knows about the VoiceMail to e-Mail feature; however, I will like to know if asterisk will support for an e-Mail to VoiceMail feature in the new releases. There are times that I need to leave an urgent VoiceMail (message) to my colleagues, friends, and/or family members when I am away. These people have e-mail addresses; however, some of them don’t have computers, let alone Internet access, at home. So, the only way to reach them, especially after the office hours, is to send them a VoiceMail (not to ring their phones) through my notebook while it is connected to the Internet. This way, they will notice there’s a VoiceMail waiting on their phone line and will listen to the message. So, do you all think if it is possible to have an e-Mail2VoiceMail module added as a new feature into asterisk?

the term SMS springs to mind :astonished:)