Dynamically set the weight of a queue via AMI/AGI

I need to be able to dynamically set the weight of different queues based on dynamic data. It appears as of now they only way to manipulate the queues attributes is via the queues.conf file (besides adding, pausing or removing members).

Anybody know a way to do this, or is this just a limitation of *?

Why not use real time and then manipulate it via mysql according to your needs ?

That is a good idea. Problem is, we are using FreePBX and that does not support realtime as far as I know. Would be quite an architectural change anyway.

Really, you would think for queues such dynamic changes would be exposed over the APIs. Well, I should roll up my sleeves and make it so.

Out of all people you use FreePBX ? This is a sad day…

Out of all people you use FreePBX ? This is a sad day…[/quote]

I know, I know, it is not my own system but someone else’s I am trying to hack to get the queues to work properly. Battling ‘queue neglect’ where if an agent has more than 2 ‘skills’/queues one queue gets constipated and you have to manipulate the weights to get it unstuck and then move them back.

Just a thought, if you are planning on hacking around in the code, check with app_queue in 1.6. It probably does what you are attempting to do. (see both queuerules.conf and queues.conf) But it probably won’t work with FreePBX yet.

Good feedback, I will have a look at a possible backport, since 1.6 is not an option itself.