Dynamic Conference Room Menu

Ok, having hard time find this on google, but I am trying to make dynamic conference room setting via database. I’ve created 3 table: user,bridge and menu.

User and Bridge seems to be good, but menu is not working. I have the following line in my script for the menu section:

exten => _.,n,Set(CONFBRIDGE(menu,decrease_talking_volume)=${decrease_talking_volume})

where ${reset_talking_volume} = 5 for example. So when I do the above, I get the error:

confbridge/conf_config_parser.c:404 func_confbridge_helper: CONFBRIDGE(menu,decrease_talking_volume,) cannot be set to ‘*5’. Invalid type, option, or value.

What is wrong with my script? Is type “menu” not configurable or is my value not correct?

Thank you!