During an active session caller can offered to change pin / passcode in database

Dear Support,

I have been using AMI to perform number of tasks. I can successfully blind transfer and attended transfer through AMI actions.

Now, I have another task offering caller to change pin / passcode in database during an active call. If I transfer the call to another context callee is getting disconnected.

Can anyone help me to get this done?

Kashif Haroon

These seems to be your task to be completed, but what is this related with he above task

I need callee should be on hold during change of pin / passcode in database as soon as it is done, caller should be bridged to callee again.

You can redirect the caller to a Music on hold context using AMI redirect action, while changing the pin and the bridge the channel back when done



It is good idea but I never performed bridged. I will try it. Thanks.

Issue resolved Thanks for support.