Duo video problem

We have TANDBERG MXP6000 and C20 MCU and endpoints.
I was strugling to make them register and call each other and softphones, and here is what i have discovered:

When MXP sends INVITE message, it has TWO video channels in SDP message:

m=video 47270 RTP/AVP 122 121 120 34 31
m=video 47272 RTP/AVP 120 34 31

Asterisk just picks up the last seen video RTP port 47272 and uses it to send video to MXP. That way the other side softphone can see video output from MXP becase it sends RTP from 47270 port to asterisk video RTP port, but MXP users doesn’t see softphone’s video, because asterisk send to to MXP’s presentations channel at 47272 port.

Ofcourse, if there is not a softphone but other Duo-video capable device on B side, no video reaches either end, because asterisk cross-connects main and presentation channels of devices.

Is there any plans to add duo-video support?


wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/ … e+Proposal