Dundi to list reomote server voice mail ext

:smiley: Hi all I have a novel Idea Why can we develope a Dundi search for voice mail

I have 10 Asterisk servers running 1.4.34 and they are spread out over the country and Users are trying to send voicemail message to the othere server users. Eg 299@server1 has a vmail message that he or she would like to send to 300@server2 right now asterisk can only search the local context of voicemail for a mailbox.

Why can we not set it up to do a) search local context if not found search “newcontext” Dundi Voicemail where in this new context Dundi stores all extensions voicemail box address. b) if found in Dundi a (smtp) type script would run to copy the voice message and give it the path to the remote server, ext voicemail box.

This same search pattern could be used to find any person in the company diretory of a remote server

I know this would take two groups to make it so Dundi and Voice mail
But with power of asterisk servers and Dundi this would be a great option to offer and realy use the power and simplisty of Dundi :bulb: :bulb: :bulb:

Now I know some one out there is going to say just use centrized Voicemail server that good untill your connection points between servers goes down then the server thats down has nothing to handle the calls in the method I suggesting you keep Vmail local thos reducing the band width that you would need if you use centrized mail also simplfing time zones if the servers are spread across the country

Mikeym :bulb: :bulb: :bulb: