Dundi: how to pickup per group in different Asterisk boxes?


I have an scenario with 2 Asterisk boxes and I wanna to pickup calls per group between servers. When I try *8 I can pickup calls when they occur inside same box, but not when call is in Asterisk 1 and *8 is pressed on Asterisk 2. How can I do that?

The two servers are connected by dundi, peers are pjsip endpoints and in realtime. Device state is distributed via corosync.

Not Dundi specific, but you might try adding some configuration into extensions.conf that uses the Pickup() application:


Because the call groups don’t exist on Asterisk 2.

*8, based on docs; seems to allow you to pick up calls in that call or pickup group. This makes sense in a lot of scenarios. You don’t want someone being able to press *8 and answer a call they shouldn’t.

You need to duplicate the call/pickup groups on Asterisk 2 in a way they handle the DUNDi routing. DUNDi is not a protocol used to make calls; it only allows Asterisk servers to talk to each other to find out which server handles a requested number. The call is made to the server over IAX2 from there.

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