DUNDi Calls Only Work in One Direction


I am trying to get DUNDi working, but I can’t seem to get calls to work in both directions. I have two servers with the same install/updates, same module versions, and same config files (except for the dundi.conf where mac/ips/keys were changed accordingly) but for some reason calls in one direction will connect and in the other direction it will hang.

IAX are friends and DUNDi model is symmetric. I can query both directions show peers looks good and I couldn’t see anything with debug on.

I can post configs, but I was hoping this was a common problem with an easy fix.

– Goto (macro-dundi-priv,5500,1)
– Called priv:pNsfOg6V3B2OIwFHrAiJMw==@

– Goto (macro-dundi-priv,5799,1)
– Called priv:RgQ5eVIqtBkQhBoIiHQtdQ==@
– Call accepted by (format ulaw)
– Format for call is ulaw
– IAX2/ is ringing
– Local/5799@trydundi-d3b7;1 is ringing
– IAX2/ is ringing
– IAX2/ stopped sounds
– IAX2/ answered Local/5799@trydundi-d3b7;2
– Local/5799@trydundi-d3b7;1 stopped sounds
– Local/5799@trydundi-d3b7;1 answered SIP/5500-00000003

Any thoughts on what I might be missing are appreciated.