DTMF not sent correctly to remote IVR

First, a run down of our setup:

PRI using a TE210P
Zaptel version 1.4.8
libpri 1.4.3

The issue I am having has only cropped up since the upgrade from 1.4.11 to 1.4.15, and has remained through the next series of upgrades to Inbound IVR’s work correctly. A customer can call into our asterisk boxes and navigate with ne’er an issue. However, calling out from the asterisk server over the T1 to a remote system causes issues where in DTMF digits being sent to the remote IVR will be dropped, or doubled, or switched around in their order(ie, 123456 comes out as 135426). Now, through painful experimentation, I have found that if I set my dtmfmode to info, I no longer have the problems, however, then my internal feature keys stop working (ie, transfers, park).

I have tried playing endlessly with transmit gains on the T1, to no avail.

If anyone has ANY suggestions at all as to what I might try, I am fully open to suggestions here. Can you hear the desperation in my typing ?

Thanks all,



I have an inbound calls problem w.r.to dtmf and may I know what dtmfmode (and other relevant options) you are using for inbound ivrs?