DTMF not recognized

Hi all…

I have realized a small Asterisk system with speech to text (Google speech Recognition ) and text to speech (Amazon Polly) capabilities, to help a small call center doing his job.
The System seats behind a NEC pbx, that pass call to Asterisk and then, call could go back.
It happens that on first IVR sometimes DTMF are not recognized.
I have even a voip number to do test and with this no problem.

Has anyone idea how and where to investigate or what to ask for to NEC’s dealer ?

Many Thanks

Check whether the codec choices are compatible with the dtmfmode.

Enable the DTMF log and see what is being recognized.

For us to help, we’ll need to know the channel technology (e.g. DAHDI/analogue, DAHDI/ISDN, H.323, SIP using chan_pjsip, SIP using chan_sip, etc.).

I’m waiting for dealer to ask codec question…
Don’t know if usefull but, from NEC pbx call land to Asterisk as guest…and call go back to NEC via Dial(SIP/299@192.168.x.xxx)

That’s a pretty insecure chan_sip configuration. Unless there is a specific reason to use chan_sip, you should be using chan_pjsip.

There is really no point in obfuscating 192.168 addresses, as they are only valid within your LAN.

You will be getting your current settings from the general section of chan_sip, but the normal advice would be to include allowguest=no there and provide a specific section for the peer (except that the current advice would be to use chan_pjsip).

As you seem to be working blind and with no real knowledge of VoIP, I think it is going to be essential that you provide us a copy of what is going over the wire, and your complete sip.conf.


I think you will also need to enable RTP debugging, so we can work out how the NEC is trying to pass the DTMF.

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