DTMF not passed OUT on FXO

Any ideas on this situation?

  1. FXS ZAP Channel on channel back - Zap/74 picks up, I dial and it gets routed to Zap trunk ZaP/1 (fxo single port card)
    Call is placed with deferred dialing on Zap channel, and both links are pushed into a conference then Asterisk native bridges the two channels 74 and 1 - Audio is passed both ways perfectly to each caller. DTMF from FXS on 74 is muted out completely and only a tiny residual blip is heard on the remote side.

Logging shows no dtmf is received or sent past the dial string output which is 100% perfect. Only seems to kick in AFTER the call link is setup and Asterisk is conferencing or some sort internally.

This is the connection path

Nortel BCM100 Meridien phone ->BCM200 station port ->BCM200 FXO port 2 -> FXS channel bank port 1 -> Tormenta2 pci Port1 - Channel 74 ->Asterisk Server (PIAF) -> PC101(yes I know…) FXO channel 1 -> FXS MagicJack Dongle USB -> IP to MJ service.

I wish MJ would let use sip creds soley and ditch the dongle since it degrades the audio quality IMMENSELY but that is whole other posting.

  1. External PSTN call comes in through GVOICE to MagicJack to FXO to DISA setup on Asterisk server. - DTMF inbound works perfectly!

That tells me at least the card CAN pass DTMF at leas inbound.

  1. Analog phone connected directly to MJ device passes digits outbound correctly and I hear inbound digits as well - MJ is passing DTMF just fine

  2. Sip Softphone connects to asterisk dial external number - Dial through FXO port through MJ and out to sip land CALL connects just fine. DTMF OUTBOUND non existent.

That tells me that maybe it’s something to do with the internal conferencing of an FXO port and any path?

My next step is to put online my other Adtran 600 which has another selection of fxo and fxs ports on it. (It just doesn’t pass callerid on FXO which stinks) Which is why I went the pc101 route since I had that card sitting around. It’s callerid works just fine just outbound DTMF AFTER call setup seems to be the issue and as such makes me think this is a software issue NOT hardware related.

Any ideas?

It appears it has something to do with PIAF/Asterisk using conferences for ZAP to ZAP calls and that’s where the issue lies where inband DTMF is being actively squelched. This appears to be the default behavior however from the readings on the net. Seems a bit silly. I might just have to go back to older asterisk implementations to get this working it seems.

Seems a bit silly. Any ideas how to overcome this?

I would like to continue using Asterisk as my concentration point in the house for all my zap and IP channels, but if this can’t be overcome, I’ll just punt and put the Magicjack off of Line 3 FXO on the Nortel BCM200 that already runs the rest of the house. DTMF works perfectly on the BCM200 in and through the dongle.

So far it’s only the Asterisk conferencing of zap to zap to perform a simple call path that seems to be screwing a rather simple call path up.

Any ideas?