Dropping extra frame in G729

In Asterisk 1.4.14 I see this Notice in CLI:
“Dropping extra frame of G.729 since we already have a VAD frame at the end”

If there any solution for this ?
I saw there are some in forums such as :

-Changing frame.c
-patch for Version 1.2.x

Are these working for 1.4.x when we could not disable VAD on endpoints?

I do not know of any patches for this in general. I would ask your provider to turn off VAD support for your account. The error is harmless. It is just telling you that your carrier is sending with VAD support but asterisk does not support VAD.

As you know sometimes it is not possible to ask other parts to disable VAT.
I see when system report this message , cutting voice too.

I have this error often and I never have th audio drop out. Have you tried with a different ITSP ?

Yes I tested with others too and I saw this error.

Hmm. Check everything else, Network cables, Routers, Switches etc.