Dropped Calls and others

We are having problems with our phone system. We have ‘Grandstream phones’

  1. The phone just seem to loose connection on our end. (This happend) we were on an important call and when they were speaking to us… the phone seem to have stopped working. Tried calling back, but no response for about 3 times. Then we rebooted the phone and the problem went away. (On a few people)

  2. Some people in the office have tried calling out to certain long distance or not even long distance numbers and it does not go through. Like you call and the phone number does not exist. So I try it on my cell and that phone number is legit. Then we try other regular numbers with different area codes and they work. What is going on?

Need more information. In particular network topology, but also verbose console output.

You are likely to also get asked for extensions.conf, sip.conf, the configuration file for the trunk channel type and protocol traces for which ever leg of the call is actually failing.

If item 1 actually refers to losing speech, but not, at least immediately, the call, you may have problems with your firewall/NAT router timing out a temporary rule.

What is network topology and verbose console output?

Network topology means things like (but not limited to):

  • what channel type (and sub-type) do you use for the trunks
  • where are your routers
  • are they NAT routers
  • who provides your access to the PSTN

If you don’t know about verbose console output, you really need to read a text book on Asterisk, such as Asterisk: The Future of Telephony, which can be downloaded as PDF, as well as bought on paper.