Drivers for the Dialogic model


I have a Dialogic IVR card of the model - Dialogic 59-0577-100. It is 4 ports and at the center of the 4 ports it is wriitten as D/4PCI-IN. There is another IC named as PLX also. Can you please suggest me the drivers or software to be installed to the system.

Iam running on linux operating system. Can i run Dialogic on linux operating system, if its possible can i know what drivers need to be installed in my system.

Please suggest me on this, i appreciate your response.


Perhpas you can find the drivers for your card starting here and digging a little around: … elease.htm .
I’m not using Dialogic on linux anymore but I remember the installation and setup of the drivers was a little nightmare, hope it’s simpler now, good luck :smile: