DPMA License and Backup PBX

So I’ve been testing FreePBX with DPMA installed and we are ready to move forward. I need to move my DPMA license from a VM to a physical server. The actual move of the license file is simple enough, but according to the documentation I can only re-register once without contacting Digium. So how are folks planning with this in mind for a DR scenario where you have a spare PBX at another location ready to go? Or maybe you have a HA setup? Do you just call Digium and get a second license? I’d like to be able to test my backup FreePBX box at my second location at least quarterly. I was going to contact Digium but wasn’t sure if simply having a handful of D70s entitled me to support.


If your license hits its limit, just go get another license, there’s no issue or problem in doing that.


Excellent. Once again, I thank you Malcolm.

No worries :smile: