DPMA - distinguish calls visually

I have D50 and D70 phones. Some of these phones are occasional members of one or more queues. When a user receives a call from one of the queues, I want to be able to give them a visual notification of what queue the call came from.

Of course I could use the “announce” option in queues.conf, but I’m concerned that calls not coming from any queue could result in an awkward pause as the user picks up, waits for the announcement, hears none, and then greets the caller.

I know I could set a distinctive ring, but that’s not really a good fit for the situation.

Overwriting or modifying CALLERID(name) would basically accomplish what I’m looking to do, but I’d prefer to leave that data intact.

Any ideas on how best to make this - or something like this - happen?


Visual? If you’re not manipulating the caller ID name or number, not much comes to mind.

Audio, you could do different ringing tones for different Queues.