DPMA and auto_hin for follow me

We have a few Digium phones on our asterisk now system and a few of our users work both from home and the office.

Our setup is simple and straight forward, the user gets two phones, one at his desk and one at home, both having a unique extension. Then we create a Follow Me entry for each user, at the primary phone (at the office) entry, listing the home office phone as a second member. Strategy is ringall2-prim.

We have created a custom phone book within the DPMA configuration (web interface) and listed all primary phones there. Added the custom phone book to all Digium phones and as expected, we can see the status of each on the BLF of the D70s.

Now to the scenario.

Someone calls the primary phone number of a person, BLF will indicate the primary phone to ring. Perfect.
If the person is in the office and picks up the primary phone, BLF key will change to solid red as expected, all great.

However, if the person is at home and picks up the follow me’d extension (secondary phone), the BLF will turn back off, so we can’t see the person being busy.

Is there any way to change the auto_hints in the dial plan to include the follow me extensions as well?

Thank you,


What hint is the forwarded extension setting, and can you make that instead toggle the auth_hint device state of the phone instead of whatever it’s toggling today?


I have not configured anything manually, so the hints have been created by FreePBX or DPMA:

This is what I found in the extensions_additional.conf file:
exten => 5544,hint,SIP/5544&Custom:DND5544,CustomPresence:5544
(the primary phone)

exten => 5642,hint,SIP/5642&Custom:DND5642,CustomPresence:5642
(the secondary phone)

I cannot find any hints for the follow me settings, but I might just need advice on what to look for.



You might need to redefine the auto_hint_5544 in the appropriate context so that it also includes the device that’s the one being answered on the follow me.


Hi Malcom,

since I am currently trying to get this all to work I defined new hints for all our extensions manually. Basically it looks like:

Global:1234, hint, SIP/1234&SIP/1235&SIP/1236

if the user has 3 phones all connected in a single follow me group. Some phones are even at a different asterisk server with xmpp distributed device states configured. I will let you now how that works once I configured it for all users.

I am not sure whether I should include the CustomPresence:123* in here as well. In the original dial plan it is separated by a comma, not the ampersand, like this:

auto_hint_1234, hint, SIP/1234,CustomPresence:1234

I couldn’t find any documentation on this. All docs and forum entries I found only talk about a single parameter after the “hint”, combining multiple extensions with an “&”. I am still a bit uncertain there.