Double quote in Caller ID

I just received an incoming call over my SPA3102 SIP’d to my Asterisk server. The caller ID Name had a leading double-quote and no trailing quote.

I saw the log message : No closing quote found in '"Covenant House sip:108004357308@;tag=etc. etc. ’

several times. The caller id had the leading " in it which seems to confuse asterisk and/or the SPA3102.

Any way to work around this?

A little more information.

The above error happens (twice) before the dial plan is entered. Then the dial plan is entered but the Answer() function doesn’t pick up the line. So my POTS reroutes it to my cell phone after 4 rings where I see the Caller ID Name with the leading double-quote (and no trailing double-quote)

So I can’t work around this in the dial plan which means I’m stuck.

I have discovered that my brand new SPA3102 was running firmware version 3.3.6, whilst the current version is 5.1.10. The upgrade is a free download from Cisco (no registration required) and a simple install from a windows pc. I will report here next time the offending party attempts to call.


No Joy. Upgrade didn’t change a thing as I saw another offending call reach my cell phone today. If it had been handled properly it would have been trapped by the dial plan.

Any leads would be appreciated.

After some more research I’ve concluded that this is a known bug in the SPA3102 which Cisco/Linksys hasn’t bothered to fix. The caller id in the SIP invite is supposed to escape special characters, and the SPA3102 doesn’t do so. I’m sorry I bought the thing. The bug has been known for years and firmware updates haven’t fixed it. Someone even wrote some code to intercept the invite and convert it to the proper format.

In the end, I’m going to tell my telephone company to drop the call name display, and just provide the number, then use mysql to look it up.

Also based on my reading Grandstream appears to do a better job than Linksys on SIP implementations.

I’m going to stop answering my own posts now…