Double listening for 6 positions

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i have 6 positions ( 6 extensions) and i want to spy them for any intervention If will need

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The ChanSpy application allows spying on individual channels. Are you wanting to spy on them all at once?

yes i want to spy them all at once !! There is a method ?

There is no built in method to do that. You would need to create a conference bridge (ConfBridge) and add Local channels which would be spying on each one. There is also no guarantee that the audio quality will be great if they are all speaking at once.

can u tell me the configuration please !!

And thank you so so much

I can’t create the complete solution for you. The ConfBridge dialplan application can be used to create a conference bridge. The Local channel allows you to call the dialplan as if it were a channel and Chanspy can be used in there to spy. The Originate CLI command, AMI action, or dialplan application can be used to place outgoing calls and direct them to a place once answered. If used together then this will accomplish what you want.