Does Asterix support the call for free feature?

What i mean to ask is:
On MSN Virtual earth, you can search for restaurants in the area, then click on a hyperlink called “Call for free”, then provide your own phone no, and in say 5 seconds u get a call, is there any way that this can be implemented using Asterix.

Please let me know

Asterix is out with Obelix right now, but i’ll try !

this isn’t exactly a “feature” of Asterisk but of Asterisk and a web server. yes it’s possible, either by generating a .call file, or by originating a call through the manager interface.

hey baconbuttie,
Thanks for the reply, i have 2 more questions:
first the silly one: Does Asterix work on windows?
second: can you provide me more details on the .call thing or the manager interface thing?

  1. not out of the box, but there is a very beta asterisk-on-windows solution out there.

  2. unless you have a compelling reason to do so, avoid call files and use the manager interface - it’s MUCH more robust, in my experience. … khome.html

works very well

I found this:

They also have some free music on hold files (they sound great!!!)