Does Asterisk SIP supports headers (oc, oc-algo,oc-validity, oc-seq)


Does Asterisk SIP support Overload Control headers in the response to a SIP Invite Request?

I’m talking about these 4 headers:

  1. oc
  2. oc-algo
  3. oc-validity
  4. oc-seq

if yes, Then:

  • How to force these headers in the response?

  • How can I configure the values in the response for headers oc & oc-validity?


Thanks jcolp,

Can you elaborate more on why not supported?

I just need to get full picture so i can reply back to my client.

That’s easy, noone has implemented it. I’d never even heard of it until this post.

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Here is what i found on the internet

That’s the draft. The RFC is here: RFC 7339 - Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Overload Control

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