Does anybody use beta?

Are you using 1.2 beta1?

  • Yes
  • No

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I just wanted to check and see if anybody was using the beta that could verify something, nobody in the IRC channel seems to be, and I dont see anything here in the forums or in the bug tracker, I have found a couple of problems that could probably use some attention but I wanted to check first before trying to get whats required to post bugs.

I’m suprised nobody is curious what I found, but then again if there are only 3 people using it…

i do.
and have no problem with it
with realtime/odbc functions and sip/oh323 channels

Well, one of the problems is with the new SetTransferCapability command, I guess most people wouldnt use this. When trying to set video (0x18) somewhere, maybe in libpri, who knows, its getting changed to 0x8 so it says its changing to VIDEO but then ends up hitting the D channel as UNRESTRICTED DIGITAL. I was trying to get video calls working :smile:

The other issue is a stupid progress issue on the PRI but shrug, its not as important to me.

I do not understand. If there are issues with the beta, why don’t you search the bug tracker to see if they have been reported? Or report them to the bug tracker?

I do not quite follow this thread…

Sorry, sometimes I dont follow myself… The issue has not been posted to the bug tracker, and I am unable to post it to the bug tracker. I dont have a disclaimer or whatever is needed, I dont even quite understand what it is or why it’s required.