DOc for inbound set up

Hi looking for documentation on how to set up inbound calls. I have installed asterisk from the scratch and placed a phone line (from my telco provider ) into the phone slot in X100P. The other line goes to my hardphone(normal phone ,not IP based)

I have configured zapata.conf and zaptel.conf

i making up dial plan where auto attended will answer the phone and when asked for transfering options it dials the softphone (other PCs) and dials my hardphone.


I am have used slackware to install asterisk and was wondering how to store the autoattendants voice in the asterisk server. ?

cheers this will really gonna help

first if i understand you correctly, you bought an X100, plugged your line into one port and a phone into another… you want * to answer, play some crap and then ring the phone plugged itno the X100-
that won’t work. The x100 is a rebadged voice modem. THe only reason port 2 is there is to hook up a desk phone. When the ‘modem’ uses the line it disconnects that port so you dont interrupt the transmission by picking up.
You need an FXS port to connect your desk phone.

make an extension for yourself like this-

exten => 1234,1,Record(somefile.gsm)
exten => 1234,2,Playback(somefile)

when you dial it you will hear a beep and it will start recording. when done recording hit # and you will hear what you recorded. If you like it rename somefile.gsm to be a real filename (called by your IVR), if not hang up and dial it again.

this should store in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds

cheers for that.

I will try that.