Do I need virtualization to run Asterisk?

Hi all:

I’m working with a provider to setup a simple IVR using Asterisk. I have a server setup with Debian Squeeze dis, Apache, PHP, MySQL, etc., and originally planned to install Asterisk on the same machine.

Now, this provider tells me that I should buy a second dedicated server, or virtualize the existing one and install Asterisk on its own, which does not make sense to me. I mean, if you’re really paranoid, having a dedicated server might make sense, although the IVR will take at most 50 calls per day, and they will last 2 minutes top each, so buying a second server seems overkill. But VIRTUALIZATION ??? It will slow down everything.

I’m really clueless about Asterisk, and would need your help. Should I question their recommendation, or is it legit (or even required)? Are there really good reasons to recommend virtualizing the server?

Thanks for your insights !


No. Using a virtual server with only one guest machine doesn’t make sense, and Asterisk is always best run on real hardware, and, if using actual line cards, almost certainly has to be.

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