Do I need udhcpd?

I noticed that AsteriskNow installs udhcpd, a small dhcp server. I unchecked the install of udhcpd on my install. Should I reinstall and let AsteriskNOw install udhcpd?
If my network already has a dhcp server, will there be a conflict since a neetwork can only have one dhcp server? Or is udhcp only used inside AsteriskNow?

In general if you have an external dhcp server you don’t need to install the udhcpd package, please note that I don’t use AsteriskNOW so there is a chance that I’m wrong.


Marco Bruni

Thanks. I know that you can only have one dhcp server on your network but I was wondering if udhcpd had some function in AsteriskNow other than as a dhcp server and was required for installation?
I have installed AsteriskNow withoug udhcpd and it seems to work except for a grandstream gxp2000 phone that I am having a little trouble with but I don’t think that the grandstream problem is related to udhcpd.