Do I need hardware?

Dear Sirs

I would like to know If I need hardware (for example a PCI board) to install mISDN in Asterisk?

Or if is software module like because I have a Draytek 2800 VGi router and the SIP client of the router are registered in the asterisk PC, my idea is to change the source of chan_misdn to communicate with the CAPI modules of Draytek like I do with module SIP of the router.

I not interesting in put any kind of board in Asterisk, I just want to use Asterisk to communicate with CAPI router using the LAN.

With kinds Regards
João Pereira Rosa

I did not fully understand what you are trying to do but if your system will be strictly VOIP you (like just SIP) then you do not need any hardware. You will want to install ztdummy for MOH and conferencing.