Do i need Commercial or other license to write .so modules?


I plan to write my own *.so module for Asterisk but i wonder if the source code of my written module has to be OpenSource as Asterisk is under the GPL license? i read this part in the License file of Asterisk distribution:

“…If you obtained Asterisk under the GPL, then the GPL
applies to all loadable Asterisk modules used on your system as well
except as defined below.”

“Digium, Inc. (formerly Linux Support Services) holds copyright
and/or sufficient licenses to all components of the Asterisk package, and therefore can grant, at its sole discretion, the ability for companies, individuals, or organizations to create proprietary or Open Source (even if not GPL) modules which may be dynamically linked at runtime with the portions of Asterisk which fall under our copyright/license umbrella, or are distributed under more flexible licenses than GPL.”

Is this mean that to have my own modules under Closed Source i have to have a special license from Digium?

Thank for your help.

if you don’t tell, i won’t.

Is this excerpt from the Wikipedia article on GPL at all relevant?

Your modules certainly don’t have to be open source if you don’t distribute them, though. :smile: