Do I need a voip phone

Newbie question but the system I want is somebody phones in, the IVR is on a PC along with the database of option to be put through to on a conference call ( the caller, the pc to record the conversation and the callee). I dont need to speak to the customer so do I need a voip phone at all or just a voip router?
I was thinking all I need is Cisco Small Business Pro SPA3102 Voice Router (1 FXO + 1 FXS) … spa3102-uk

Would this be correct?

Could someone please help with this

You don’t need a phone for technical reasons. You may need one for regulatory reasons.

You don’t need a VoIP router, either. Digium would prefer that you didn’t :smile:.

Please go to, to get a basic grounding in Asterisk based system.

So I could just connect from the phone line into the back of the modem right?
What regulatory reasons would there be?
Thanks for the help

You could connect the phone line into a Digium analogue card.

I would assume that most regulators would require you to be able to monitor the conference, and that there should be a phone number to contact an administrator. That could be completely separate.

Is there another option beside Digium analogue card?
The phone number for cust care is seperate and I am recording the calls so I hope thats ok

Digium would prefer you to use their cards.

There are other card suppliers, and there are other gateways suppliers, not just Cisco.

I would expect you to be using a lot of lines for conferencing, so I would expect you to use ISDN, not the analogue that the Cisco provides. You would require three of them for the most basic, single, conference. Four if you needed to monitor and you would be competely wasting the FXS ports.

Sorry, I meant any other way beside cards.

gateway appliances. The Cisco is such a device, but that model doesn’t really seem suited to the number of lines you would want on a conference server.

Im a bit confussed, maybe I got it wrong.
A person would phone in from an outside line to my pc which would then connect them to an outside line. My pc would also record the call. I thought that voice router would do the job or have I missed something. If Im wrong what would you recommend.

That particular SIP gateway can only handle one outside line. (Voice router is a Cisco marketing name.)

For completeness, one should add the option of getting someone else (an IP Telephone Service Provider - ITSP) to convert from PSTN to SIP, or outsourcing the whole operation to someone who specialises in conference services.

So if it was only one person at a time phoning in, I could use that one?

You generally need at least three people for conference!