Dns lookup without domain

Hi all ,

I am used asterisk certified/13.18-cert3 with chan_pjsip.
When i am trying to send call without domain name ( eg : x@myhostname ) , the call faile with this Warning massage :
WARNING[25211]: pjproject:0 <?>: tsx0x7660f8ec Failed to send Request msg INVITE/cseq=1129 (tdta0x126c110)! err=320052 (DNS “Server failure” (PJLIB_UTIL_EDNS_SERVFAIL))
The same call with this URI is ok : x@myhostname.domaine.com.
I am on UBUNTU and i can ping both of uri.The file resolv.conf is correctly configured ( nameserver and search)

Do you know a way to send call witout domain name ?

Thx a lot .


SIP URIs have a special syntax for the rightmost label in a domain name. I can’t find a semantic rule for this, but it does mean that some domain components would not be syntactically valid as the only domain name element (specifically those beginning with a digit).

It is called toplable, and whilst, as I say, I cannot find an explanation of this, the intent could well be that it is that “top” refers to top level domain.

In any case, as SIP URIs can get forwarded outside the local system it makes sense that they should alway be absolute.

Thx david for explanation.

Also this quote from RFC 3261 strongly hints that domain names must be fully qualified:

Contact contains a SIP or SIPS URI that represents a direct route to contact Alice, usually composed of a username at a fully qualified domain name (FQDN). While an FQDN is preferred, many end systems do not have registered domain names, so IP addresses are permitted.

The fallback position is IP addresses, not relative names.

Generally it is the equipment providing the human computer interface that is expected to resolve relative domains.

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