DNIS information on ooh323

I have an h323 trunk to a avaya definity. I cannot seem to get any information other than caller id name and number. I have tried NoOp looking at just about every variable I can find and don’t seem to see the DNIS come through. Does ooh323 support this from anyone’s experience? I am having problems determining if it is happening on the Avaya or Asterisk side. Everything else works great.

We are looking to move to Asterisk for our voicemail solution and it was my idea… Any help would be appreciated.

I did a tcpdump of the h323 and see the redirected dnis coming through in a field called ‘unknownPartyNumber’. I have tried every callerid() variable and none pick it up… I also tried RDNIS and DNIS. All come through blank.

I now suspect this is just a limitation with the ooh323 implementation and I am probably wasting time fighting with it. Are there any other variables or settings that may let me pull this number from ooh323?