DNC plugin for asterisk?

Hey all. I am curious is there a DNC(do not call) plugin for asterisk? I am looking to do a system for a financial firm and there is a regulation that says the phone system has to have do not call list compliant.

So if anyone has any info for me could you please advise!

This sounds pretty trivial to write.

I’d do it in dialplan with ODBC to check against an external MySQL database.

i mean i think its simpler then what you might think. and also why VOIP is not used in areas where DNC is required to operate. as a client for the DNC we pay $1000 a month for an account number that would allow us to download the updated list daily at night. then any new numbers would be added tot he list. its pretty simple and every hard line phone system has it yet not 1 VOIP system has it

Asterisk is a toolkit, not a finished system. It should be able to implement DNC, but someone will need to glue the right bits together.

exactly I was wondering if anyone has a plugin or anything to make this work? Its crazy that this has not been done yet because every finacial firm and telemarketer needs to have this list to operate.

I’m certain what you are asking for has been done, In fact I’ve got my own do not call list function that I use to block faxes to voice numbers, Written like I said above using FUNC_ODBC and a MySQL database.

If you need something build something or hire someone else to build it for you if you lack the skill to do it yourself.