DLINK VTA and Asterisk (Trixbox) Not register at all

Hi All

I am using the Trixbox for my test pbx at home. I config the extension and the softphone on my pc. Everything is working fine.

So I decide to hook up my ATA box as a extension. The one I have is Dlink VTA, which is unlocked from Vonage.

In the xml file, I have port 1 setting like that.




But on the asterisk, I can’t see it register at all. The phone1 led on VTA is not on (of coz). I thought the box has some problem so I reset the account to voipdiscount. It works in 1 second… Switch back. not working…

Does anyone can help me out? I can config another PAP2 box and it register right away.

If anyone is using the VTA box with asterisk, can you share the xml file with me?

Thanks a lot

Can you see any SIP debug messages on Asterisk?
Can you enable syslog output on VTA and see what’s happening?

Sorry. My mistake. The xml file is currupt… I upload a new one and the problem is gone.

Thanks a lot