DIVA EICON on kernel 2.6.19


I’m trying to configure EICON Diva server with asterisk.
I Installed AsteriskNow, latest beta, and it appears to be running linux
I’ve tried to follow each of the option suggested in the Asterisk wiki, ie:

Option 0 Suitable for ALL Kernel Versions
Note : The latest driver available (divas4linux_EICON-106.10-1) can’t be compiled on a 2.6.17 and more (DevFS was removed). Use
It did not work since kernel versione is 2.6.19: the bin installation failed

Option 1
Download rpm from Dialogic
On redhat 9, the modules are compiled for the default kernel.
The config program sets everything up and loads the required drivers. Reasonably straight forward but restricts you to an older kernel.

I’m not sure how it could work. Apparently on the Asterisk box there is no rpm command

Option 2

melware.org/ChanCapi fully works.

This ftp link is not working…

What shall I do?
thank you in advance for any help, I’m lost

You can find isdn4linux drivers at melware.de/en/