Displaying "Caller ID" dependent on which line rin

I’ve got a A@H box with a TDM400 card with 4 FXO ports.

We would like some way of displaying different caller ID values depending on what line people call in on. We have two different businesses and would like to greet the phone announcing the right business.

Basically if a caller calls on line 1 or 2, we would like our VoIP phones to display “Business A” and 3 and 4 to display “Business B”

We have been playing around with the SetCID command, but not getting anywhere :frowning:.

Any help is always greatly appreciated.

PS: in Australia if that helps

have you tried modifying the cid settings in zapata.conf ? i’m pretty sure you would be able to setup 2 zap groups, and set the cid for each to be the string you want. of course, any incoming callerid would be lost.

the other option would be to have each group of 2 lines go to different incoming contexts, set the variable for calleridname, then proceed as normal.


Do you mean changing the cid setting in the zapata.conf file using something like the SetCallerID() command?