Display of my caller number on the B-side


Is there any setting / config that needs to be modified on Asterisk, so that my caller’s original number is being received on the receiver’s handset.

Right now, B-side is receiving the call but not seeing A-side number. Instead a different number (provided by the SIP provider) is displayed.

Thank you

The default behaviour is to pass the received caller ID through, using the most basic method of caller ID on both sides, which is the From header user field, for SIP.

This can be complicated by, for example, the use of the From header for authentication.

Recently it has also been complicated by a crack down on scammers and cold callers which means that many providers will not accept caller IDs that you have not proved, to them, to be under your control, or will only forward them with a marker to say they are from an untrusted source (which might cause them to be removed downstream).

You need to talk to your provider about whether they accept relayed caller ID and how that is indicated to the recipient, and about how caller ID is expected to be signalled

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