Disconnect Blind Transfer

Hello all,

How can i cancel(disconnect) blind transfer after pushing pound key (#) and resume the call with dialplan ?

There isn’t going to be any good way to do this.

Once you’ve confirmed a blind transfer, Asterisk has:

  1. Broken the bridge between the two parties, discarding any state that existed
  2. Taken the transfer target, assigned it a PBX thread, and started executing dialplan on that channel. That means the channel is now doing stuff, which means recovering it is an absolutely intrusive process
  3. Potentially taken your channel (the initiator) and either hung it up - in which case you’re SOL - or started executing dialplan again on it

You now are in the land of intrinsic race conditions. That transfer target could start dialing someone else, which means “getting them back” may rip them out of another call that they’re making.

The answer is: this is a bad idea. If you transfer someone, they’re transferred. Want them back? Call them on a second line - which all decent SIP phones are going to support. They can choose to answer you (putting their new action on hold), or not.

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thank you for answer.