Disabling DNS requests

Hi people.

I run an asterisk on a Linux server. I have an issue with DNS requests that i would like to completely disable in the whole system.

I coded my own DNSrequest() function that I integrated in the source code and put a nice a “return NULL;” in the ast_gethostbyname() function, just after a call to my function.

Nevertheless, I can still catch DNS requests coming from Asterisk, which didn’t use to happen in the 1.2 version, and I can’t see where it happens. May anyone help me please ?

Do you have srvlookup=yes set on your sip.conf file?

i have the same Problem.
But the strangest thing is, why does Asterisk a query like 102-08182454 ??
No dns at all knows this domain, because it is changing everytime.

Another strange thing is, that some of my installations do those queries, other don’t, but i can’t see a difference!

btw. my setup is a Asterisk with a couple of Snom phones (7.1.30)