Disabling call recording and optimising AWS

Hi, we’ve inherited an installation of Asterisk 1.4 running on AWS.

We’ve been trying to optimise the number of simultaneous calls that the instance can run smoothly and found that Asterisk is recording both IN and OUT sides to all calls. We can’t find any MixMonitor commands in the dial plan on the server.

Is there a server wide setting for recording calls that might be set that we can change?

We’re hoping to get to 100 simultaneous call on AWS.

Can anyone recommend particular instance types or other optimisations that would help for running Asterisk on AWS?



Monitoring can also be requested using Monitor and by options on queues.

I think you are pushing your luck to expect 100 erlangs on a virtual machine whose host you cannot control.

Thanks David,

Our server seems to be recording all calls - system wide - without reference to monitoring in the dial plan.
We’re hoping to disable monitoring altogether as it’s not needed for our application.

Do you have any idea how we’d do this, or what to check?

Thanks again


Asterisk doesn’t have the capability to record all calls, without dialplan, queues.conf, or AMI actions.

Thanks David. It might be triggered in the AMI actions from our application. We’ll take another look there.