Disable "Extension Changed" messages in Asterisk CLI

When I do debugging in Asterisk CLI on a Asterisk server that has IP Phones that are running BLF’s (there are active SIP subscriptions on the server) with verbosity 3, I get all the required debug info I need. The only thing that is bothering me is that I also get “Extension Changed” messages for every call. If there are a lot of phone’s with BLF’s, these messages really make debugging hard. This is the example of a message I get:

  == Extension Changed 106[internal_calls] new state Idle for Notify User 105 

Is there any way to disable printing these messages to Asterisk CLI?

Modify the source code and rebuild. Disabling messages doesn’t really require any C programming skills.

David, this definitly is a viable option.

But I was kind of hoping to tackle this with a verbosity level setting. :laughing:

Please would you give a pointer to what and where in the source code to modify to achieve this result? Thanks!

[root@centos code]# grep 'Extension Changed' */*.c channels/chan_sip.c: ast_verb(2, "Extension Changed %s[%s] new state %s for Notify User %s %s\n", exten, context, ast_extension_state2str(state), p->username,

As it is verbosity 2, setting a verbosity of 1 or 0 will suppress its output.

Thank you very much! Three answers in one! So I ended up changing the source code, but modifying the verbosity of that message, so it is still there and available if I set verbosity to 4, rather than disabling it completely. Whilst it didn’t appear with verbosity set at 1, I wasn’t really getting enough other output either. Thanks again!

David, thank you very much for the verbosity level hint. Will definitly give it a try :wink:

Well, it turns out that verbosity levels 1 and 2 are more of less useless for debugging the Asterisk DialPlan. Only verbosity level 3 or more start showing the call progress through the DialPlan in Asterisk CLI.

I still find very strange that “Extension Changed” messages have higher verbosity priority (2) than call progress information (3). I hope that sometime in the line the verbosity level for the “Extension Changed” messages gets bumped up to atleast 4. Until then, source code tweak seems the only way to solve this.