DISA in v1.6 problem

Hello, I need some help here.

This line works perfectly in Asterisk 1.4 and 1.2. I just upgraded to v1.6 and I have trouble to run it. I just copied all the conf file to the new v1.6.

exten => s,n(disa),DISA(no-password|out-Local-NTalk|"Anonymous" <Anonymous>)

CLI shows:

[quote] – Goto (custom-DISA-out,s,93)
– Executing [s@custom-DISA-out:93] DISA(“SIP/NTalk-001fade8”, "no-password|out-Local-NTalk|“Anonymous” ") in new stack
[Feb 24 17:03:45] WARNING[1416]: app_disa.c:227 disa_exec: DISA password file no-password|out-Local-NTalk|Anonymous not found on chan SIP/NTalk-001fade8
== Spawn extension (custom-DISA-out, s, 93) exited non-zero on ‘SIP/NTalk-001fade8’
[Feb 24 17:03:45] NOTICE[1416]: pbx_spool.c:356 attempt_thread: Call completed to SIP/7783332255@NTalk[/quote]

It seems DISA is looking for a file named “no-password”. Is this new in v1.6?

Thanks for help.

1.6 doesn’t like pipe. :smile:

changed to comma and all works now.