Disa Calls to Register as Extensions

Is there a way when a disa call gets authorized we can assign an existing extension to that call that way we can see users presence and activities in one place .If there is how can I establish it.
Thank you

why dont you use accountcode within the application authenticate() for track the usage and activities of the disa


so if you have your asterisk CDR connected to a database server as MYSQL, using the right sql queries you could analyze and track all the disa activities

Thank you for sharing your knowledge ,I will give the authenticate function a try.what kind of sql query do you have in mind for user presence, wouldn’t it be more cpu consuming for presence query every so often
thanks again

using the option a on the Aunthenticate() aplication, the pass entered will be save in the accountcode colum of the CDR, you colud try simple queries like this for example :

For show all the calls made using an specific password= select * from cdr where accountcode=15522

for show the total amount of calls using an specific password

select count(*) from cdr where accountcode=65555

this is just a simple example, all is subjected to your knowledge and imagination.

i need to be little more specific database query is totally doable for getting reports.but i meant to aim for users presence as in person is on a call or not on a call ,we are setting up our system for a user cell phone to call out the call has to go through the asterisk box with disa.on native extensions we can see if the person is on the phone with led presence status so i was wondering if this can be done for cell phone disa scenario as well
Thanks for all your inputs

Umm that is totally different to what i understood at the beginning, I was thinking about reports and you are talking about monitor the currents calls using disa. What you want could be done but not with the procedures describe before