Directrtpsetup and ACD queues

I am aware that reinvites will not work with call queuing because Asterisk wants the call to “travel” through it so far various reasons.

but am wondering what the behavior is, and is it possible, for Asterisk to have directrtpsetup=yes configured for calls going through queues?

My scenario is like so:

[ul]- ALL calls are extension to extension within the same Asterisk system (i.e. no outbound or inbound calls from PSTN or otherwise).

  • ALL clients are SIP using uLaw
  • One set of extensions/sip users “hot line” using a speaker phone in to one of several call queues.
  • The other set of extensions/sip users login to the queues and wait for those calls.
  • no firewalls, all on the same LAN/WAN of a controlled network (no internet).[/ul]

Any feedback on this feature is appreciated as docs/info is sparse. My goal is to get Asterisk out of the way for the media layer but have it keep control of the SIP and queueing.